Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Minute to Win It Games

We had a lot of fun at my parents' house the day after Christmas with some Minute to Win it games.
The girls played against the boys and the boys ran away with the victory.

M&M Elevator: Two pencils are stuck together and tied with long pieces of string. The players must wrap the sting around each ear and pull the pencil stacked with three M&M's to their mouth and eat them. The players who eats the most M&M's with the fastest time wins.

Face the Gingerbread Man: Use only your face muscles (no hands) to get the cookie in your mouth.

Christmas Cards Blowing: Try to blow the cards to where they hang off the table. We never got this one to work. I think next time we will choose a smoother table with straight edges. Still fun to watch!

Hang the Ornaments: Two players on the same team try to hand the ornaments to where they keep the yardstick balanced. 

Stack the Cups! Start with the clear cup. Use alternating hands and stack until you get back to the clear cup!

Jingle Bell Box: Tie a box with a hole in it filled with jingle bells (we used ping pong balls) around the players waist. The players need to shake their boxes until the box is emptied. First one who empties their box wins!
This was so funny to watch that we let the kids and adults have a turn!

Reindeer Nose: Fill two bowls with cotton balls and one red pom pom. Players put petroleum jelly on their noses and then try to move as many cotton balls as they can into another bowl in a minute. If they get the red one (reindeer nose), it counts as five.

Marshmallow Wreath Toss: Set up a wreath and each player will take a turn tossing marshmallows into the wreath within a minute. The player with the most marshmallows tossed in the wreath in the minute wins.

Stack the Nuts: With the nuts placed on a candy cane the players much each use the candy cane to stack the nuts one on top of the other on the plate without them falling. The player with the fastest time wins!


Alisa said...

Was so much fun watching everyone compete!

Maxine Kitto said...

Great! Going to do these at our Christmas party!

GeonHui's Bakery said...

We did this one year but many of these are new! Love these ideas! Sharing a link on my blog today.

Cherry Workshop said...

Wow! These look like so much fun!