Thursday, January 5, 2012


**Disclaimer** - This post is a deep one for me :-)

I have been told by more than one person that is close to me that I need to lighten up. I get stressed out so easily these days and I used to not let things bother me like they do now.

When I saw that Ali Edwards was continuing her "One Little Word" class this year the word, "play" instantly jumped into my mind. "Play would be a good word for me!", I thought.

I then started writing down a whole list of words: express, positiveness,  nurturer, etc. But I kept coming back to the word play. I mentioned it to my hubby and he agreed that I definitely needed to add playfulness back into my life.

I'm not sure when I lost my easy going self. I think it was after I had children, which seems a little ironic. With the birth of my children came the birth of worrying in my life. I worry about them all the time. I worried that they weren't getting enough to eat or enough sleep. I worried that they might not be getting the right teacher for their personality. I worry that they aren't in the right sport or weren't challenged enough at school. With the worrying came seriousness and a bit of negativity. With that also came cattiness, blaming and overall pessimism.

I'm tired of all that and I'm ready to ease up. I'm ready to live in the moment. I'm ready to play with my kids and quit worrying about them. I'm ready to be spontaneous and not so rigid. I'm ready to quit worrying about everyone else and to enjoy them and life.

I signed up for Ali's class and I'm ready to start this journey. I just found this necklace today on Etsy. It's in my cart and I'm ready to buy it. Wish me luck. I've been in this rut for about 9 years and I'm sure it won't be an easy one to get out of! I've also finished my first assignment which was fun and a little playful :-) You can also see it below.


Rose Brier Studio said...

I too have children. And I too worry about them way too much. I will be glad to learn how to do less of it. I know it's possible!

Your Jan layout is beautiful. I like it a lot. Pink is a very playful color!

The Links said...

Can't wait to see your PLAY project!!!

Stacey said...

Fun word - like your quote and reason for being drawn to that word...and I LOVE your photo - looks like your ready to play!! :)