Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Home Organization Binder

I've seen lots of family binder photos floating around Pinterest. I've attempted to create one making my own pages. I've been working hard on mine for the past three weeks. I just love how much more organized I feel since I've started using it! However,after a couple of weeks there are things I want to change. I have also been a little disappointed with the "cute" factor of my binder. I want it to be eye candy because I take it EVERYWHERE with me. It's kind of like a handbag. It needs to fit my style!

Today was my lucky day! Gina Miller is also making one for her family and lucky for us she is selling her SUPER CUTE templates. Here's a taste of what you can get in Pack 1 (Pack 2 coming next week).

I spent my afternoon getting a few things made. My binder is a black leather soft binder. I started off with one of the hard binders, but found it to be a pain to carry around. I switched it out for this soft one and I love it! Here's my cover page:
I also created a page for me of daily routines for every day of the week except for Saturday. Saturday I take the day off from chores :-) I adapted Gina's giant chore list template to create this page for myself.
I also completed the important phone numbers page today. That one I am not posting for privacy reasons :-)

I am so excited to get this project complete exactly the way I want it! Three cheers for home binders!


Gina M said...

I love it Nicole! Thanks for sharing. Happy organizing! :)

molambert said...

Cute binder, where did you find yours? Thanks.

Nicole LeBlanc said...

I got mine from Target. It's black leather. I love that it's soft. I started off with a hard binder but found that it was a pain to carry around. Switched mine out with this one and love it!