Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Love Pinterest! Our Uh-Oh Jar

Pinterest is my new addiction! I just love the wealth of ideas it gives and it encourages me to get out there and make things, which makes me happy! My girls have been arguing a lot. One is whiny and the other can be catty. So, I found this great idea for a "Uh-Oh" jar here at this blog. When they argue, whine or tell me they are bored for the umpteenth time, they get to choose a chore from the jar. Here is our version of it! I will be introducing it to the girls when they get home from volleyball camp today. I will let you know how it goes!

Here is the list I put together of the possible chores they can do. I'll encourage them to think about what they could have done differently while they are completing their chores. 

bring down hampers and sort laundry for mom
empty all bathroom garbage cans in house
clean out car          
clean off desks in game room
mop kitchen floor
vacuum upstairs
sweep the floors in the kitchen
extra work packet 30 minutes          
handwriting packet 30 minutes
clean some glass       
pick up brother’s toys
math flashcards 20 minutes       
Mom picks
Mom picks          
clean baseboards in kitchen
tidy up laundry room         
clean your bathroom sink 
clean front of cabinets in kitchen
organize and clean your room closet

Ok. Now I am off to find something fun for us to do via Pinterest so it doesn't turn in to a "my mom is mean" day :-)


The Links said...

I love Pinterest too. I have a list of ideas of crafts that I want to do everyday during naptime!! The uh-oh jar is a great idea!!

Sandra said...

This is a good idea:) Sandra H