Saturday, November 20, 2010


I got this idea from Ali Edwards, found here.
We began the weekend before Thanksgiving and will go through the 13th of December as life will get very busy for us after then :-)
On the front are the words of the days and on the back are activities that we'll do for our holiday
activities. The cards are laminated and are hanging on our pantry door with tacky tape.
Here are our 24 Advent Actions:
1. Make pumpkin bread and deliver to neighbors (pre-Thanksgiving)
2. put together children birthday boxes for the local women’s shelter (include wrapping paper and party supplies)
3. take food to local food pantry
4. recycle some toys to share
5.pick a name from the angel tree and find a gift for that person
6. write a letter to Santa. Tell him at least five good choices you try to make daily.
7. make thank you notes
8. help decorate the house for christmas
9. collect some of our books to donate to the Head Start program.
10. collect items for the local SPCA (newspaper, towels, paper bags, boxes, etc.)
11. make reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer.
12. write a letter to a friend telling them 10 reasons why they are a good friend to you. mail the letter.
13. go and visit Santa Clause.
14. make a Christmas card for Mema (great-grandma)
15. put together a holiday care package for a soldier and mail it.
16. decorate a gingerbread house
17. Watch the movie Elf with the family
18. make a book for your brother. read it to him.
19. Listen to mommy read the story of Jesus’ birth
20. Make a Christmas card for your teacher. Include 5 reasons why you are thankful for her.
21. bake treats for the neighbors and deliver it to them.
22. bake Christmas cookies for our family and Santa
23. bake goodies for your teachers and school staff. put together
goody bags.
24. deliver the goody bags to your teachers and school staff.
Pumpkin bread we baked with a card made by Emma :-)

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